1st Level Half Dwarf Bard


Level 1 -
Strength: Unknown
Dexterity: Unknown
Constitution: Unknown
Intelligence: Unknown
Wisdom: Unknown
Charisma: Unknown
HP: Unknown
AC: Unknown

Race: Half-Dwarf
Class: Bard
Hair: Unknown
Facial Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: 180lb.

Equipment -


Ham was a Half Dwarf Bard. He was an original member of the Party of Sir Hargess, before the senior Knight was killed and command was given to Sir Oregas during their mission to negotiate peace between the Kingdom Ahrea and the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea in AC1262.

After the party detoured from the destroyed eastern bridge over the Sea of Mists, he accompanied them into the tunnels of Divide of the Lands.

Ham was killed during the expedition through the Divide of the Lands, having fallen prey to a Basalisk and ended up being turned to stone. Though the statue of Ham was still intact, the party’s barbarian Bjorn smashed Ham’s head in fear of the statue reanimating as an uncontrollable creature at some point.


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